About Julia Sassi | Information

Julia Sassi (1987) is a European artist. Having roots in Italy, Poland, France and Holland, her art is always moving within and between cultures. Diversity is not only a subject of her art, it is also the way she creates it. It is by combining different media and materials that she expresses the eclectic life she experiences.

You can find Julia’s art, patterns, photos, stories and music (BailaMari) on this website. Feel free to like and share pages and/or blogposts on social media!   

Julia runs several projects at Creatief Bureau Sassi, an International agency for creative projects located in Amsterdam (NL). The agency works in the fields of art, education, science and society.

Visite the website and find out more! www.creatiefbureausassi.com


‘El Raval’

We were looking for decoration for the bedroom of our youngest daughter. Julia showed us some of her work and we were immediately attracted to “El Raval”.

White Broom in Bloom

Today I’m going to talk about #broom We are the first day of #phase1 of the #deconfinement in #barcelona . I took this photo of #whitebroom in bloom during my last walk, one day before the establishment of the confinement. It will now be 10 weeks.